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Thermoforming Films

Ldpe shrink film pallet covers and stretch hoods

NPF offers a full range of flexible and rigid barrier thermoforming food packaging films produced on state-of-the-art coextrusion. Multi-layered films are produced for a wide range of extended shelf life food applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of barrier films to pack food products on thermoforming, flow rap, tray seals our films are used on high speed thermoforming machines. They are ideal for vacuum or under protection gas packaging, maintaining the attractiveness of the product. The wide range of applications cover cooked and uncooked meat, cheese, dairy and bakery products, fruit, ready meals, etc...
  • Excellent aroma, gas and scent barrier
  • High rest thickness in the corner thanks to an even film strength
  • Outstanding thermoforming and forming properties
  • Long shelf-life of the packaged goods
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