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Stretch Wrap Film, Bale Wrap Film, Stretch Hood Film, Bale Wrapper

Silage Films (bale wrap films ), Machine Stretch Wrap, Cling wrap

Stretch Wrap Film
Our high-quality stretch wrap film (Bale Wrap Film, Stretch Hood Film, Bale Wrapper) is composed of high elongation, polyethylene based film that is used to utilize and protect products during storage or shipment. It offers added versatility for being able to handle various load types, provide excellent protection, combining small, individual items into larger loads as well as primary packaging material for wrapping individual products. Other benefits of stretch wrap films include reduced freight costs, improved warehouse and inventory control as well as assuring product quality and cleanliness. Agricultural mulch film is a plastic film - available in rolls or as folded- used in the ground, under the root systems of plants, to facilitate crop cultivation.

Benefits of Stretch Film:
  • The security associated and with holding performance. Load retention, and protection is readily evident
  • Stretch film protects against moisture, dirt and abrasion safeguarding the goods it wraps.
  • The clarity and appearance of stretch film enables code to be quickly scanned and read while protecting labels and codes printed underneath the film.
  • Stretch film does not produce clinging noise and it clings to itself,thus making its removal fast, clean and easy.

Silage Films (bale wrap film) :
Our silage wrap has the qualities to maximize nutritional value and provide the very best silage film for livestock, it seals in and retains as much of the goodness and nutrition from a healthy seasonal grass crop as possible.

Our five-layer technology used in manufacturing ur provides a much more consistent film.:
  • Good thickness distribution in the film at 25 microns optimum
  • Stretch level at approximately 100%
  • Outstanding cling level for good sealing
  • Very good puncture resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance (one year outdoors)
  • High load retention (for bale integrity)
  • Low oxygen and water permeability
  • Dual sided tack for extra sealing and barrier to air-ingress
  • Reduced storage and operational cost (no need for inside storage) Manual Stretch
  • Clear or color manual stretch film in both hand reels for wrapping pallets & jumbo rolls for conversion on location
  • Available in one-side or two-side cling for clean pallets & improved warehouse space management
  • Wraps pallets easily with light & short rolls
  • Protects your goods with a long-term load retention
  • Ensures super tight load stability for high-security storage & transit
  • Enhances inventory management & security wrapping with opaque, colored & tinted films
  • Full benefit without investing in machinery
  • High puncture resistance with multi-layer structure
  • High clarity for effective inspection of goods

Machine Stretch Wrap
Machine wrap stretch film used in conjunction with a stretch wrapping machine that applies the stretch film to the load using parameters set by the operator.
Wrap parameters are set on the stretch wrapper to vary the amount and location of the stretch film to provide maximum load retention.

Advantages of machine grade films:
  • Prestretch capability strengthens the film
  • Stretch film economies due to stretch and application
  • Consistent professional package
Cling wrap
Our cling wrap is ideal for covering and storing your prepared foods and leftovers – even for reheating them in the microwave. It clings tightly to foods, sealing in the freshness. Whether you're bringing your family on a backyard picnic or embarking on a cross-country NPF cling Wrap is ideal for keeping food fresh on the go! Use it for cookies, fruits, sandwiches, desserts, salads, snacks, vegetables, cheese, and more!