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Security Bags / Temper Proof Evident Bags / Poly Mailer Bags

Security Bags / Poly Mailers Are Used To secure Documents personal Effects. Cash Or Other Valuables.

Basic Need For Security Bags Are For :
(1) Protect Your Prosperity
(2) Chain of Custody Control
(3) Combat Tampering

Typical Applications include Crime Scene, Evidence, Cash, Checks, Clinical Trials, personal Effects For Hospital Patients, Dice and Playing Cards for Casinos, valuable Stored in A Vault at a Hotel Etc.

Security Bags / Poly Mailers are one time use and are disposed after the initial use.

Temper Proof Evident / E-Commerce Bags
  • Our Offered Courier Bags / Poly Mailing Bags are offered by courier companies during Transit due to their versatility and ease of use.
  • Printed in Attractive Designs these bags are a must have for all courier & Logistic Companies.

  • Widely used by international & Domastic Courier Services & package
  • Delivery Companies for Transporting Shipments and Packages

  • Made from 50 microns Co-Extruded LDPE Films
  • Hot melt Adhesive Strip on the top which ensures that parcels once sealed can't ne removed from the bag without tearing the bag.
  • Transparent POD jocket on the back side of the bag for insertation of waybills or consignment notes.
  • Easy to write on with Permanent Marker.