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For nearly 10 years Navrang polyfilms has served customers with high quality films. As a privately-owned company, we have reinvested our profits into the business by constantly upgrading our production facilities. NPF polyfilnns as part of Navrang group maintains access to multiple material sources, and we run multiple manufacturing lines at our facilities to assure that you have a dependable source. In today's competitive marketplace, we understand how important reliability is to your bottom line - your order is delivered with exact specifications on time, every time.

Testing Capabilities

  • DSH Peel Seal Hot Tack Tester DSH Gloss Meter (450)
  • DSH Tensile Tester Elmendorf Tear Tester
  • DSH COF Tester
  • Vacuum pouch burst tester
  • Heat sun Single Zone and Multi-zone Heat Sealers
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Our Hitech Machinery

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