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Shrink Hood / Pallet Covers

Ldpe shrink film pallet covers and stretch hoods

Shrink Film:
LDPE shrink film pallet covers are available in shrink rolls ( tubular form) and piece form is used for automated packaging of various products on pallets. It enables stability of pallets in storage and transportation. Additionally, it protects your products from dust, dirt, water, weather conditions and damage.

On yours request, we can print (2+2 colours) on this type of shrink hood film, and give you up to 12 months of increased UV protection
  • Film thickness ranging from 0.060 to 0.200 mm
  • Film circumference up to 5500 mm
shrink hood covers
dairy products
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LDPE pallet covers shrink film are used for group packaging and have many others
advantages like:
  • Volume of final package up to 8 times smaller
  • Weight of PE film is 5 times lighter than paper
  • PE film enables better proportion of quality and prize